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As part of our lakebed contour mapping package we produce full lake 'overhead' images in 2 dimension. These are excellent for display use on your social media pages, webpage and site notice boards.

They give the angler that clear detail of the lakebed as a whole and helps assist with their choice of where to fish depending on conditions and the time of year.

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To further enhance and compliment our mapping imaging package, we can also produce 'zoomed in' individual swim/peg images in 2D for use on social media, webpage or even notice boards. These are perfect for displaying on each individual peg/swim to highlight the features and depths to be found there.

Majestic Pool 3D H.png

A firm favourite with every fishery owner, manager or angler is our 3 Dimensional lakebed contour maps. With multiple images ensuring full lake coverage from various angles included as standard within our mapping package, you'll be certain to have a full and clear vision of what lies beneath the surface. Once mapped, they do usually throw up a surprise or two as to what is below the surface and they are a sure way of giving your anglers that little edge to assist in their campaigns. After all, not every angler has the time (or knowledge and skill) to be able to spend hours and hours with a marker float on every single session.

Westmoor Farm Sandpit 3D Vera's.png

As with the 2D individual swim maps, we can produce these same maps in 3D too, really giving a never seen before perspective of your lakebed to the angler, finding that choice of  the perfect 'spot' is now clearer than ever before.